“Government House cost 5 million a month”: Ricardo Gallardo

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million pesos a month.This house had more than 150 jobs between escorts, gardeners, waiters, people who bathed the governors, all these people had very high salaries and the pure payroll was 3.5 million a month.The state governor mentioned: “It was time to transform this place, to give it meaning, a building full of bedrooms is going to be built here, for all the boys, girls and elderly people who are homeless.”Finally, Gallardo Cardona assured that: “Today is a great day, because we are fulfilling another campaign commitment, we have fulfilled 80 percent of the commitments, in just 9 months of work, if it continues like this, in a year. and a half we would be fulfilling everything that we promised to the people of San Luis Potosí”.For the children's shelter, 1,873 square meters will be adapted to serve 63 boys and girls, in addition to having an infirmary, two classrooms, a dining room, a kitchen, two living areas, a games room, multiple uses, two bedrooms for caregivers, health and general services.The stay for older adults will have an area of ​​5,488 square meters, with the capacity to serve 88 people and will have a physiotherapy room, offices, an infirmary, two television rooms, visiting rooms, four therapy rooms and a terrace .He also reads: Galindo and Gallardo promise to capture thieves who beat and robbed grannyState DIF will donate 400 glasses to children from PotosíElevator in Chapultepec Avenue building fell and a man was injuredGalindo and Gallardo promise to capture thieves who beat and robbed grannyFrench company will settle in SLPSLP will not contract credit for two billion pesos"Today the rehabilitation of the El Peaje dam will start": GallardoBack to Gallardo or advanced campaign?Why did Adán Augusto López come to SLP?“Whatever the governor of SLP wants, he will have it”: Adán Augusto LópezIn March 2024, the San Luis Potosí City Council, headed by Enrique Galindo, will have to decide whether to renew the concession to the company Red Ambiental Vigue, which is responsible for the collection and final disposal of garbage in the state capital.This company in a decade of providing the service has had a series of controversies with the governments in turn, to the point that its contract was about to be terminated.The company is so large that today it has a presence in more than 30 cities in Mexico, this despite the fact that the charge they make for providing the service is the highest in the market and despite the fact that several of the municipalities have had various problems with their operation.According to the newspaper Milenio, the company Red Ambiental has benefited from political favors in the tenders of different states of the Republic, since it has been involved in the financing of political campaigns of the PAN, a political institute from which the mayors who is granted the concessions.To give a few examples, in Monterrey Red Ambiental was signed by Roberto Ugo Ruiz Cortes, in San Pedro Garza García, and Margarita Arellanos in Monterrey in 2014 and in 2009 it arrived in San Luis Potosí after winning a questionable tender during the management of fellow PAN member Jorge Lozano Armengol.Currently some of the cities in which it has a presence are Saltillo, Coahuila;Santa Catarina, Escobedo, San Nicolás and Monterrey in Nuevo León;in the Port of Veracruz and in the capital of San Luis Potosí.Horacio Guerra Marroquín's Environmental Network is "artificially" successful and causes great social damage by impacting the pockets of citizens with more expensive contracts and with a prolonged validity not yet explained, as in Campeche, where the City Council must pay 4.2 million pesos per month, for a contract that began in 2002 with Jorge Carlos Hurtado Valdez and was renewed with former PAN mayor Beatriz Sélem Trueba in 2014 for another 18 years.In 2019, the Legislative Observatory of Quintana Roo denounced that the Benito Juárez City Council paid Red Ambiental a fee per ton of garbage collected at twice the market price, since in the contract the municipality had to pay from January 1 to September 30 of 2021, a total amount of 260 million pesos, that is, 730 pesos per ton, when the concessionaire Intelligence Mexico charged 372 pesos.In San Luis Potosí, this company has been accused of providing poor service and in 2016 a lawsuit broke out that affected the city for weeks: the then mayor, Ricardo Gallardo Juárez, broke with Red Ambiental, since it had a debt of 100 million pesos of past administrations, this caused the concessionaire to stop collecting garbage in the months of January and February of that year, which triggered a contingency, for which Gallardo had to make available an emerging plan with more than 100 trucks to carry out this work, some of these were lent by the government of Mexico City headed by Miguel Angel Mancera.Something similar happened in El Carmen, Nuevo León, where the service was stopped in March 2022, since the municipal government had a debt with the company from September 2021 to January 2022, which caused that the inhabitants began to throw garbage in the streets;service was restored until the end of April.Despite calling itself an “environmental” company, its buildings were closed twice: the first was in 2020 when the State of Mexico Environmental Protection Agency (Propaem) closed a property located in the Toluca 2000 Industrial Park because the fauna it was harmful, as there was an increase in larvae and flies.The second closure occurred because hospital waste was found inside containers, in addition to the fact that the place did not have the necessary infrastructure for the treatment and storage of solid waste of this type.This fact was also in Toluca.It also reads: Should SLP's garbage continue in the hands of Vigue?This Monday, the Municipal Civil Protection of San Luis Potosí reported that an elevator in a building on Chapultepec Avenue collapsed, causing a man to be seriously injured.The event would have occurred during the morning, when the man got on the elevator and it fell from a height of five meters;The victim was rescued and taken to a hospital where it was detailed that he suffered injuries to his head, some parts of his body and one of his legs."We rescued an injured male due to the collapse of an elevator in a building on Chapultepec Avenue," he said.Civil Protection reported that the support of the Metropolitan Fire Department was necessary in the rescue maneuvers.Also read: Galindo and Gallardo promise to capture thieves who beat and robbed grannyLeonel Serrato Sánchez, secretary of Communications and Transportation, through a live on his Facebook page commented that it seems inadmissible that Alejandro Zermeño Guerra, rector of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí (UASLP), "has refused to grant them scholarships young people and that no one has reproached him for anything, in addition to ensuring that the rector is a conservative and a neoliberal,”Serrato Sánchez mentioned: “A young man takes an admission exam to the UASLP and they tell him that he failed when that is a vile lie, the university instead of seeking study spaces has marginalized those who want to enter the autonomous and more because of the right-wing attitude of Dr. Zermeño” and added that: “the criminals on the right want to blame the young people for not being able to study and for that reason not being able to enter the autonomous community.”Leonel Serrato commented that the scholarships should be awarded to all university students since: “the young people who enrolled in private universities did so because the public university closed the door in their faces, with all the gall in the world. That is why it is important that all students be supported”.The state official declared: “There will be no lack of someone who says that the autonomy of the university will end, when the university is public, we pay for it with our taxes among all of us, which by the way, the budget of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí it is of billions of pesos and with more budget than several municipalities put together”.Finally, Leonel Serrato said that “the university is autonomous, it is free, but it must be accountable to the people of San Luis, why are there so few places in the schools and colleges? of classrooms? Why are many teachers paid so poorly? Why is information denied to benefit young people so that they can be transportation scholarship holders? pay attention to that."He also reads: "Government House cost 5 million a month": Ricardo Gallardo“SLP would go to a red light this Friday”: Andreu Comas"Licenses will be free throughout the six-year term": Sefin#Video |New complaint against Félix Salgado Macedonio for alleged sexual abuseThe truck with groceries is mine.Give it to me already!|Column of Jorge SaldañaThe Miniso of the Center of San Luis |Column of Luis MorenoThe Mexican Tesla and San Luis Potosí, the first illuminated cityTomorrow the delivery of free plates starts, what do you need?FGR requested removal of immunity from García Cabeza de Vaca for organized crimeThe Communications Orchestra SA de CV Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra 140 Col. 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