hit the road with the 6.5 sqm IMAGO iter cabin on wheels

2022-06-15 11:13:28 By : Ms. Yoyo Xu

BESS—a japanese company that specializes in timber houses—has created this tiny cabin mounted onto a trailer. called ‘IMAGO iter’, the mobile hut can be used for a variety of functions: from a remote workspace to a cozy place to camp in the wilderness.

‘the hut becomes a journey,’ says BESS.‘a trip as soon as you think of it. take your favorite things out for 30 minutes or 30 days. each road, each sky. there is a way of life that does not stop. if your car and IMAGO iter are united, you will be the best companion.’

the IMAGO iter cabin is made from 70mm thick cedar wood and features windows on all four sides to connect users to the great outdoors. the product also comes unpainted so you can apply your favorite color or get creative with a unique design.

as it’s technically a towed vehicle, not a building, BESS has ensured safe and stable driving with suspension and electromagnetic brakes. the company has also tested the trailer at the japan automobile research institute, which confirmed its sufficiently stable driving. 

the portable cabin comes in two roof options: traditional timber or a domed, wagon-like plastic membrane. the IMAGO iter trailer weighs around 2.4 tonnes and retails between 3.51 – 4.15 million yen (30,422 – 35,969 USD).

view of the plastic membrane roof option

the cabin is built from cedar wood

the IMAGO iter hut comes unpainted so you can apply your favorite color

the design includes windows on all four sides

the trailer has been tested for safety and stability

hit the road with the portable IMAGO iter cabin

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